Prepare Contracts for Sale — super-fast

“You have no idea how much time & angst it has saved me.”

Gabrielle Moss, Solicitor

“The staff are finding Paradocs hugely helpful”

Hugo White, Sautelle White Lawyers

“Amending, reproducing and re-sending the contract is a very simple process. ”

Paul Freed, Paul Freed Legal

“It’s quick, isn’t it!?”

Annice Wirrell, Emil Ford Lawyers

A better way to work

Prepare, amend and send licensed contracts faster than ever before

Improved Quality Control

Easily find and fix errors before they become a problem

Free-up valuable resources

Paradocs does the tedious work leaving your staff free to do what they do best

Works with your existing system

Paradocs works beautifully with whatever system you happen to use

No installation required

It’s online and available around-the-clock from wherever you are

Hassle-free support

If you ever need any assistance, just give us a call — we’re only too happy to help


End-to-end encryption ensures your clients’ information remains secure


All data is located on-shore for more-reliable security and faster load times

It is free to join Paradocs and there are no monthly or subscription fees. You only incur a cost when you license a matter. See below for a list of the licensing fees.

We’ll send you a statement at the end of each month, payable by the end of the following month.

Do I get a licensed copy of the Contract for Sale?

Yes. The standard form Contract for Sale is licensed to Paradocs by the copyright holders, the Law Society of NSW and the Real Estate Institute NSW.

What is the cost of the Contract for Sale?

The cost is the same as if you downloaded the contract from the Law Society or the Real Estate Institute, and less than if you purchased the pads of blue pages. Paradocs adds the cost of the Contract for Sale to your account as a separate item.

Can I amend the contract?

Yes, you can amend anything on the contract as many times as you need. The only exception is after you have bought a licence for that particular property the address can no longer be amended. If you find you have made a mistake with the property address, just contact us and we’ll help you out.

What if I want to send a contract to another purchaser?

Paradocs enables you to prepare multiple contracts for the same property at no extra cost.

What happens when a purchaser is found?

When a purchaser is found, go back to Paradocs and fill in the details. Upload any additional documents or amended conditions and then email it the purchaser’s conveyancer right from within Paradocs. Within minutes of receiving the details you can have the contract on the way.

Some contracts are so big that they cannot be emailed and have to be split into several pdf files. Is this a problem for Paradocs?

No. Paradocs overcomes this problem by sending the contract as a download link, not an attachment. This means that even with the largest of contracts, file size is no longer an issue and contracts never need to be split up.

General Enquiries

Let us know if you have any questions or need some more information about Paradocs.

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Please contact us if you are having any difficulties and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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If you have any questions about accounting matters, get in touch and we’ll sort it out.

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